kind living cafe, maleny

21st June 2012

Kind Living Cafe located in the main street of Maleny is a raw foodies and vegan diners dream. The cafe offers a wide selection of dishes from breakfast through to lunch, snacks, desserts and everything inbetween. 

Breakfast meals include chia seed porridge, amazing raw smoothie blends, juices and nut milk coffees. The lunch menu, although its tempting to eat these meals for breakfast too, is quite diverse and challenges the average perceptions of vegan food.

Some stand outs includes dehydrated wraps made from ground seeds and vegetables filled with falafels, loads of fresh vegetables, nut based spreads and chunky avocado. There is also a raw zucchini 'pasta' tossed with mushrooms and pesto, or toast topped with avocado, tomato, brazil nut cheese and balsamic glaze.

When eating at Kind Living Cafe it is hard to go past the cakes cabinet. It is filled with raw desserts that send your mind and taste buds spinning. A true favourite is the Key Lime Pie made with avocado, nuts and loads of other goodies that only the chef could tell you about! 

A favourite of mine is also the hot cacao made on nut milk. It is deliciously nutty, creamy and chocolatey without being too sweet. Heaven!


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